As a professional makeup artist, Jamie became more and more frustrated with the marketing and over-selling in the makeup industry.  The Re-Fine Makeup line contains the essential tools required to enhance natural beauty.  You only need a few key products to create a flawless face with a minimal time commitment. 

Custom Blend Foundation Option #1
Initial Appointment - includes product (60 minutes - $60) - Book Now
This is the best foundation for all skin types that you will ever own.  Every aspect of it is tailored to you during this appointment and you will leave your appointment with your very own container of magic.  We create a light, medium or full coverage foundation with active botanicals to boost hydration, fight ageing or calm sensitive skin that is perfect for only you.  Personalize your liquid  foundation in a matte, neutral or dewy finish.  These foundations are created with earth pigments, paraben-free, talc-free, fragrance-free, silicone-free and most importantly water-based (they will not clog your pores).  I will repeat… this is the best foundation you will ever own.    

Custom Blend Foundation  Option #2
Repeat Appointment - includes product ( 30 minutes - $55) - Book Now
Does your foundation need a little tweak because you want to try a different coverage or have gotten a sun-kissed tan since your initial blend appointment?  This is an appointment for those that already have a custom blend formula but want a little adjustment. 

Custom Blend Foundation  Option #3
Refill - product only ($55) - Book Now
This is a re-order of a previous custom blend foundation that does not require any adjustments.  No appointment necessary, product available for pickup at the studio. 

Custom Blend Foundation + Lesson (120 minutes - $135) - Book Now
Allow us to create the perfect custom blend foundation for you followed by a 1 hour makeup lesson to help you learn new techniques and assess your current makeup routine. Perfect the foundation application to get the most from your makeup! Bring your makeup bag, learn to use what you have or replace what's not working for you.
Makeup Lesson  (70 minutes - $90) - Book Now
A traditional makeup lesson focusing on a start to finish makeup routine with the guidance of application with all products.  The lesson will be tailored to what you want to learn, this is your time to learn how to enhance your natural beauty. 

Mini Makeup Lesson
  (30 minutes - $35) - Book Now
A focused makeup application session concentrating on one specific area of makeup application eg. Perfecting a smokey eye, contouring, liquid eyeliner/mascara application, filling in brows, etc. 

Makeup Application - Daytime  (55 minutes - $65) - Book Now
 This is a basic application for a natural makeup look suitable for daytimeeg. Makeup for a job interview.  Also a suitable appointment for teens or those looking for a minimalist natural makeup style for a graduation or special occasion. 

Makeup Application - Event  
(60 minutes - $85) - Book Now
This is the real deal.  Want to look and feel your best?  Walk into your event feeling confident and looking fabulous after we enhance your natural beauty.   

Makeup Application - Bridal Trial
  (90 minutes - $95) - Book Now
Book an appointment long before your wedding so we can make sure you love your look on your special day.  We will try different options until everything is perfect, it is your day and we want you to look stunning!!!