All facials are customized to your individual skin needs and skin type/conditions.  Professional staff specialize in skin analysis to guarantee the best results for each person.  Our studio is equipped with hydradermabrasion, ultrasonic, galvanic current, high frequency and professional grade LED celluma light therapy should your skin or facial require a little scientific boost.

Express  (50 minutes - $80) - Book Now
This facial includes customized mini-facial for someone who is pressed for time.  Great for monthly maintenance or if you feel guilty taking a full 65 minutes for yourself.  The services will be tailored for what you have time or what your skin needs at the time of the appointment.

Relaxation  (60 minutes - $90) - Book Now
This facial is a true spa experience including extended shoulder, neck and scalp massage.  For those who want a true respite from daily life, this option does not include extractions and is a great choice for your first facial.

Deep Cleansing  (65 minutes - $95) - Book Now
This facial is detailed facial meant to unclog pores and clear out congestion.  While not the most relaxing experience this facial will assist in your skin looking it’s best, especially for those who want to kickstart a new skincare regime.

Hydration  (65 minutes - $95) - Book Now
This facial for those of us who don’t get enough water.  If your skin is looking tired or thirsty for something other than coffee or wine this may be the facial for you. 

Hydration Facial + Celluma (80 minutes - $115) - Book Now
Hydration+Age Defying Facial+30mins of LED therepy for radiant, fuller, smoother healthier skin! (Please note this facial does not include extractions)

“I don’t know” (65 minutes - $95+) - Book Now
Do you trust us to just choose what is best for your facial?  Then this is what you need to book.  Why pretend you know what you are lacking, let the skin experts decide.

The Anti-spa  (65 minutes - $85) - Book Now

Not a fan of zen/spa music?? A customized facial set to music of your choice on Spotify. For whatever mood you're in, classic rock, indie88, 70's, 80's, and/or 90's hits!

The Ultimate  (80 minutes - $120) - Book Now
A customized facial that includes deep cleansing, hydration and massage.  For clients who deserve to treat themselves and their skin.  It is the Cadillac of facials.

Teen Facial 13-18  (40 minutes - $50) - Book Now

Monthly maintenance for teens with blackheads or mild acne.

Teen Facial 8-12  (35 minutes - $40) - Book Now

Great starter facial to introduce facials and educate teens on skin care!
Hydradermabrasian Facial  (65 minutes - $100) - Book Now
A deep cleansing facial that is perfect for combination congested skin! Oily skin can still get flaky, the mixture of suction with warm water helps to sweep away dead cells and suction out the everyday build up from your pores. Skin will feel much smoother, clean and prepped perfectly to absorb moisture.

Men’s deep cleansing or hydration  (65 minutes - $95) - Book Now
For a man who wants to treat his skin right.  Washing your face with shampoo in the shower is not a skincare routine, let us help your skin out when you don’t.  The facial will be tailored to what your skin needs whether it is blackhead extraction, hydration to prevent wrinkles or just because you are ready to start caring for your skin.  **To avoid irritation please refrain from shaving 24 hours prior to appointment.**

Men’s Express (40 minutes - $75) - Book Now
Best for clients on the go needing a quick dose or moisture or the complete opposite, a quick deep cleanse, steam and clean up of blackheads. Geared towards the needs of your skin, this varies depending on skin condition. **To avoid irritation please refrain from shaving 24 hours prior to appointment.**

Back Facial  (45 minutes - $65) - Book Now
This is a deep cleansing of your hard to reach areas.  Focuses on exfoliation and extraction of the back, great for clients who are active and sweat causing skin issues in this area.
Celluma LED Series +3 (35 minutes - $40) - Book Now
Peel + Celluma Facial (80 minutes - $120) -  Book Now
Dramatically improve the texture of your skin! A peel helps to speed up cellular turnover it provide a deep clean by killing bacteria, clearing pores build up and deeply exfoliating dead cells. The celluma red light led helps refine the look of fine lines and pores by stimualteing the production of collagen, thickening and plumping the skin. It also reduces inflammation and redness. Blue light is used for problem acne prone skin it kills bacteria and speed heals active acne.

Express Peel + Celluma Facial (60 minutes - $85) -  Book Now

Combination of glycolic and salicylic acids used to speed up the cellular turnover of the skin leaving it feeling smoother and looking brighter!This facial is great maintenance for between traditional deep cleansing facials. For maximum results 2 additional Celluma sessions within a week of the peel will significantly improve the look and feel of your skin, boost the production of collagen and elastin, or kill bacteria and reduce inflammation depending on what your skin needs most. To book these additional appointment's please contact refine, as there are options open for celluma that are not visible online.

Hot Oil Scalp Message  (30 minutes - $48) - Book Now
This invigorating head massage incorporates Ayurvedic techniques from India. It’s incredibly relaxing! Warm oil is massaged into the scalp & gently brought though the hair to nourish it. Pressure points along the meridian induce a deep state of relaxation.

Scalp Message + Hair Treatment  (45 minutes - $55) - Book Now
This treatment is great for dry damaged hair. Similar to the hot oil treatment, and equally relaxing, after the massage a keratin hair-mask is applied and left in till the next wash. (bringing a hat is recommended)

* All prices are plus HST